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Heavenly creatures and earth angels agree that LAS VEGAS WEDDINGS, the book, is simply divine.

Part history, part gossip, part Elvis .... this book is going to have you smiling, because it's more fun than doing the Hokey Pokey at a
wedding reception, and the gossip inside is tastier than chocolate- marble wedding cake. Do I think you should read it? I do.

– Terri Schlichenmeyer
The Pahrump Valley Times

"I love this book. It's great Americana."

– Greg Allen, "The Right Balance,"
on Accent Radio Network

TARGET AUDIENCE: Couples who hear "Viva Las Vegas" and say, "They're playing our song."

RAVE: Elvis may have left the building, but he's still in the chapel.

– Jerry V. Haines, "Road Reads,"
in the Washington Post

With everyone from Britney to the couple next door getting hitched there, the city’s matrimony industry is indeed fascinating and rife with quirky detail...… Marg excel[s] in describing the city’s wedding history, juxtaposing Vegas’s rise as gambling capital with its pursuit of bridal traffic, and the result is compelling.

– Publishers Weekly

Fast, fun, and incredibly well researched.