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  The author and her husband, Jim – he’s the one on the right – had a renewal of vows ceremony with an Elvis impersonator
and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Susan Marg knows how to ask questions, spot trends and anticipate fads. Her interest in pop culture was honed during her years spent in advertising when knowing what was hot and who was in came with the territory. She first visited Las Vegas in 1977 out of curiosity. Finding the place unique, and not losing too badly at the tables, she has returned many times over the years, experiencing first hand the town’s many permutations and enjoying its diversions.

On one trip, a bride in a long, white wedding gown emerging from a stretch limousine caught her eye. She began wondering what secrets of the altar were hidden in the many old-fashioned wedding chapels lining Las Vegas Boulevard.

LAS VEGAS WEDDINGS, the book, was born. Susan lives with her husband, writer/historian, James C. Simmons, a published author with 16 books on travel, history, and biography to his credit. They did not marry in Las Vegas, but recently celebrated a renewal of vows ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator to mark their anniversary.

They reside in San Diego, California.